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How I Can Help You

1.Free Articles

Don't go through life never having experienced true intimacy, an authentic community, or genuine self-love. Learn how to connect deeper with others and yourself by subscribing to my email list and getting free articles in your inbox. You can also browse through the archives.

2. Digital Tools

Struggle to take a date from surface level conversations to a romantic connection? Losing emotional intimacy with your partner? Get these question cards and other digital tools (eBooks, checklists, templates) in the future that you can print from your own home.


What's the difference between a coach and a therapist? Therapists focus more on understanding your internal landscape and the past. Coaches are goal-oriented and aim to help you take action in the future.

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About Me

I was one of those people who was painfully shy as a child. I wanted friendship but I struggled to connect. I felt...different. I later found a way to make friends and acquaintances easy and even fun. But the road to true community and genuine intimacy was not a straight path.

Aristotle said that there are three types of friendships - friendships of utility, friendships of pleasure, and friendships of virtue. Somewhere along the way, I realized that many of my friendships and relationships were those of utility or pleasure. I had a lot of social contact but there was an emptiness and loneliness that wasn't filled. What I wanted was to have friendships of virtue. The ones where people saw you for who you truly were and loved you all the same. I wanted relationships that felt fulfilling and intimate, ones that helped me grow and thrive.


I set out on an extensive, hilarious, and often embarrassing path with this one mission in mind. But at the end of it all - I found some powerful techniques to find, connect, and grow with the people I wanted to and have the relationships I craved. Despite everything I've achieved in my career as a Vice President for a Fortune 500 company, an international rock climber, and an immigrant twice over, these relationships are my proudest achievement. 

My mission now is to help you experience that kind of true connection in life whether it's in a romantic relationship, friendships, family, or with yourself. Click on the Learn More button to read random trivia about me and definitely reach out to me if you feel like it. I'm definitely curious about you.



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