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There are two kinds of writers in this world. There are the ones you read because you care about the topic or content they are creating and there are the ones you read because you care about the person who wrote it. I hope to fall into the latter category. I hope that at the end of the day, though the topic is what led you to me, what you ultimately connected with — is me.

I want you to read my writing because it makes you more curious, because it’s clear that I don’t have it all figured out, and because you really could imagine us being friends and having a conversation until 4 am about life in your living room. And hopefully, one day we will.

So, are you ready to come on my ride?

It’s free and easy. Just click that “subscribe” button. I have no idea where I’ll be taking you, but I know it’ll be fun.

“Get on the roller coaster, worry about throwing up later” — my brother.

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I've been writing articles exclusively on for a few years. You can check out my work by clicking on the button below.

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