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Random Things About Me


Rock Climbing

I love rock climbing for the places it takes me and the people it connects me with. I also appreciate that it is a complete mental, physical and emotional challenge. The rock will not bend to your agenda or be influenced by your emotions. It requires that you grow to meet its challenge.

Location, location, location!

I was born in Malaysia, am an Australian citizen (also lived there for 13 wonderful years!) and currently live in Boulder, Colorado. Say hi if you live here, too!

Bonus points if you know where this picture was taken!



I majored in Biochemistry and Genetics in University and started a Ph.D. in Medical Research. One of my best decisions was walking away from this field when I knew it wasn't working for me. I now work for a multi-national company in a corporate job that surprisingly does not destroy my soul with a boss and team that I love. I get to solve complex problems and play with data all day.

Fear & All Its Forms

One of my life mantra is to always ask myself, "What have you done today that scares you?" I believe that fear the boundary of our fear is where we feel the most alive and I always want to have a friendly relationship with fear. 

Last year, my commitment to feeling fear was to get my paragliding pilot license which I know have.


My highest value

My highest value is connection and my greatest achievement is the relationship I have built with my partner. I'm constantly surprised and amazed by the level of intimacy, vulnerability, communication, and pure joy that we have created together.

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